Volda, Norway. Photo by Mark Chamberlain

Volda, Norway. Photo by Mark Chamberlain

Sustainability Statement

One of the profound things that I have come to realize through the Master’s in Sustainable Design program is that everything is connected through systems. That isn't meant to be a spiritual axiom. Even if we don't believe or understand how everything is connected – it is still true. 

In our political, business, social, and cultural systems we try to make the world easy to understand by making their components linear or binary. Good/bad. Right/wrong. Culturally, it’s hard to get beyond anything more complicated. However, life on Spaceship Earth doesn’t operate in simple linear directions.

Despite its complexity, life on Spaceship Earth has a captivating beauty. Nature and time have designed a myriad of systems adapted for survival through millions of years of trial and error.

Humans are leading the planet into a new era — the Anthropocene. We are faced with a need to understand the complexities and limits of this planet’s systems. With the power to break these systems, humans need to assume a more significant role and responsibility to ensure the health of the planet through a long-term understanding of sustainability.

While it’s going to be a bumpy ride, I think we can adapt and embrace this responsibility to ensure the health of all future generations.