Endless Tours.jpg

Endless Tours Final Project

Fundamentals of Sustainable Design – Fall 2016

This portfolio piece is the presentation portion of the final project that tried to answer the question, “Can an electronic ‘tour’ be developed and distributed through different networks in order to educate a community about the negative environmental and social impacts of water use and management.” One of the major sustainability concepts this work explores is informationalization.



Product Position Proposal, Annie's Ketchup

Packaging Sustainability — Fall 2016

This portfolio piece proposes options for Annie’s Homegrown to reposition its organic ketchup product through a new and more sustainable packaging system and does this through a review of the product competitive environment, market review, packaging structure options, supply chain issues, and new packaging design options.


Sustainable Graphic Designer.jpg

The Sustainable Graphic Designer – Final Project

Systems Thinking — Spring 2017

Using the work of the Celery Design Collaborative and Brian Dougherty, this portfolio piece uses their perspective of “Green Graphic Design” as a way to dig deeper into an expanded definition of what is a green graphic designer. The result is a system proposal for how to grow a community of graphic designers who have a strong sense of responsibility for sustainability through education and collaboration. 



Crescent Fleece-1.jpg

The North Face Fleece – Final Proposal

Collaborative Product Design — Spring 2017

This portfolio piece examines The North Face’s Crescent Fleece Jacket and explores design options
to improve sustainability of the product through Life Cycle Assessment and other design strategies. 



Creative Leadership Cover Image.jpg

Final Portfolio Project

Creative Leadership — Fall 2017

A personal collection of leadership assets (map, metric dashboard, and travel log) that represents my personal journey to
becoming a Creative Leader. The collection brings together insights, tips, and skills that can be applied going forward.




Final Business Plan for Loop Learning

Making the Business Case — Fall 2017

A proposal for Loop Learning to develop, publish, and market a family of high-quality learning solutions that focus
on leveraging fundamental sustainability concepts to enhance and improve current professional industries.




Good Graphic Design

The Practice of Sustainable Design — Spring 2018

Good graphic design can be achieved through a community that is dedicated to sustainable principles and values.
This project examines communication products and uses a systems approach to explore the best options for each project.




Renewable Energy Graph

Visual Communication for Sustainability — Fall 2018

A graph that combines percent of renewables for each state’s energy production as well as a color coding for the top type of renewable.