About Me

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”
- Buckminster Fuller

I’ve had many jobs – construction worker, newspaper copy editor, director of marketing and communication, graphic designer, print production manager, and communication specialist.

I could never have planned out the path my career has taken. Even though most of my jobs are in the communication field, I’ve never felt like my path fits into a nice category.

A couple of years ago, after watching Meg Lobb in her, The Do Lecture talk, “Year Of Saying 'Yes,'” I started embracing the idea of being a professional generalist – which Lobb claims as her title. I find the idea liberating and freeing. For me, it allows room to be flexible in finding my passion – without it needing to be connected to an income.

Bucky Fuller’s quote above speaks to me about taking responsibility for the kind of life we want to live. The study of sustainability has informed my professional work as well as the way I live my life. I think it helps me to have a greater sense of connection and value inside and outside of my professional life. It allows me to have a different view of success. I want to embrace the idea of taking control and designing the way we want to live our lives on Spaceship Earth.

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